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Cheryl McMahan

Architectural Interior Designer



If you are looking for an experienced, client-focused architectural interior designer that is passionate about improving the lives of others through design, then you are in the right place!  I love what I do!


Years ago, when my daughter was hospitalized,  I realized that all I wanted was to be home.... to be safe, to be calm, to be renewed, and to enjoy the company of others in my own environment.  It's what made me finally make the move from the "corporate world" to starting my own design business (after already designing on the side for as long as I can remember).  While successful, the larger my company grew, the less I got to design and the lonelier it became.  So, when the opportunity arose, I took the risk and went to work for a builder.  While in that position, I've learned a lot, contributed a lot, and developed some amazing relationships.  Now, I look forward to enjoying working on new challenges, helping clients navigate the design, selection and build process and help transform their concepts into homes where they love to make new memories.

I look for a dynamic work atmosphere where I can collaborate with like-minded spirits, further my experience, be an active sponge to continue learning, growing, and moving further towards certifications.  If you want someone that is a quick study and will pick up a project and run with it (with a combo dose of fun and professionalism), I'm your girl!  I'm ready for greater opportunities to truly listen to our clients, understand their underlying needs, and to give them more than what they thought was possible.  I love making a difference!

Are you ready?  I am!  Please take a look at just a few of my past projects and feel free to reach out.  I'm excited to talk with you!



Top 5 Strengths (Clifton Strengths)

  • Maximizer

  • Achiever

  • Learner

  • Activator

  • Self-Assurance



  • Self motivated

  • Seeks constant education

  • Takes ownership & initiative

  • Energized by new challenges

  • Client focused

  • Great listener

  • Influential but humble

  • Trustworthy partner

Accustomed to:

- Leading client meetings & engagements

- Small, start-up businesses

- Actively involved in 15-20 new projects per year

- Custom, unique project designs

- Fast paced environment



Chief Architect Pro x12, 3D BIM Software

Lumion 11.5 Rendering Software

Adobe Creative, Canva

Social Media Platforms

Wordpress & Various Websites


MS Office

Google Platforms

Online Design & Client Portals


Quick learner in Tech/Software Platforms


  • Communicates with clients using 3D computer renderings, interactive design representations, physical examples, sketching and verbal communication.  Develops trust and confidence in the project outcome

  • Creates and presents vision boards, mood boards and design concepts

  • Experienced in residential and some light commercial design

  • Assists, helps develop and presents at client review meetings

  • Completes material and finish selections for approval

  • Completes scaled architectural and interior floorplans, elevations and work orders

  • Ensures full design intent of the project is properly documented and understood for installation

  • Coordinates with permitting agencies for project to begin

  • Supports construction teams and collaborates for client meetings, site visits and all project steps from foundation to project close out

  • Performs regular site visits to ensure that the work being completed matches the intent and expectations of the client, to help find and address any unforeseen situations early

  • Tracks progress and allowance budgets

  • Manages multiple projects at various stages of design and construction, across a variety of project types, from concept to construction management and finish out

  • Communicates across multiple disciplines and channels to effectively deliver the best end result - including contractors, fabricators, vendors, design team members and finance

  • Engages potential clients in Initial consultations

  • Creates and maintains vendor relationships; Holds several stocking dealer accounts

  • Selection experience includes: Exterior materials, interior materials, tile, flooring, lighting/electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, millwork, upholstery, case goods, art, and décor


"Talents are created when a little bit of knowledge meets a whole lot of grit that is driven by a passion for something that is greater than yourself.  Talent breeds genuine success." - Cheryl McMahan

  • The University of Texas at Austin, Business - 2002

  • Self-Education

    • Chief Architect, Canvas, Websites, CRM Software, Finance Software, Customer Service, Builder Requirements, Building Codes, Floor Plans, Elevations and a whole lot more...
    • ABO Certified Optician (Only 57.8% pass rate and I passed on the first try)
    • Realtor Certification - Started 2021, in process

    • NCIDQ Certification - Goal of starting Fall 2021

    • LEED Certification - Goal of starting Fall 2022

* For a more detailed resume, please email  THANK YOU!

Contact me for a list of client and work references or additional work experiences that I draw upon to do and be the best version of myself

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