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Renovations: $1.50/SqFt

Includes: As built floorplan measurements, layout and images; New layout design; Moodboard with suggested material selections; 2D and 3D renderings, Elevations of walls where cabinets, shelves, electrical or plumbing will be placed.  Includes up to 3 layout revisions and 1 in-person design meeting.  If the scope of work or needs change, then the other rates listed below will apply (i.e. specific selections beyond the rendering selections or adding furniture).  Plans will be bid-ready for your contractor of choice.


Renovations: $2.50/SqFt

Includes: New layout design on survey; Moodboard with suggested material selections; 2D and 3D renderings, Elevations of walls where cabinets, shelves, electrical or plumbing will be placed.  Includes 1 revision per 1,000 SqFt and 2 in-person design meetings.  If the scope of work or needs change, then the other rates listed below will apply (i.e. specific selections beyond the rendering selections or adding furniture).  Plans will be bid-ready for your builder.



This is the most critical element to make it all happen and bring the vision to life. We start the meeting with goals and a task list.  We leave with specific, actionable items and decisions.  Because of the decisions that come out of these meetings, it's key to have all decision makers together.  We will have fun, but this isn't the time for surprises!



This is where I work behind the scenes. These hours can add up quickly and this is the best place to cut on the design cost. Hours are billed once they add up to 1 hour.  Things included here are: text, phone and email communications; 2D or 3D rendering services; designer sourcing; pulling samples and mood board/collections; and any other items that need completion to accomplish the design goals.  You can help make selections and be hands on OR you can say, 'this is too much' and I can handle it all.  My goal is to be upfront, honest, and let you know where we can work together to manage the budget and expectations.



While I offer great products (Furniture, Accessories, Etc) from great sources (many not available in regular retail stores), sometimes going to retail stores makes sense. I can go along with you and help make those decisions. Information and guidance that I provide on shopping trips typically include: do the items work for the space, do they fit, is it practical (material, quality, ease of use and clean-ability) and does it accomplish the goal.  I also keep records and get samples so that you have everything in one place and can keep building on the look. This is an exercise in accomplishing goals much as it is hands-on learning.


$75/hour + DMC Guest Fee

This functions the same as retail shopping with me, except that we are seeing “to the trade” options available for order/purchase. All items have to be purchased through my design company, Blue Azalea Design.  Buying guidelines apply.  This service is only available when market vendors are available.


$75/hour for the first designer & $50/hour for each helper

Finishing out your home with all the finishing touches really makes all the difference.  This is the crew to help finish it all out, from hanging art, to placing furniture and accessorizing the details.  It can reduce your stress and anxiety - letting you come home to a perfectly curated space.  The shipping material is cleared away, the lamps are in the right place and the art is on the walls.  You get to just walk in and enjoy your new, perfect space.


Pricing Varies


RETAIL PURCHASES: If a retail store, it depends on my discount. Sometimes it makes sense for both of us if I order it and sometimes it doesn't. I'll just let you know case by case.


WHOLESALE PURCHASES: I am a reseller for a number of "to the trade" only manufacturers and wholesalers.  The discounts I receive can vary greatly from 15% to 100%. I like to provide you with lower than retail pricing whenever and wherever possible. As a general rule, I like to "split the difference" with you. That means that if I get a 100% discount, I get paid 50% markup and you get a 50% discount from retail pricing.  NOTE: Sometimes, I am able to offer deeper discounts for quantity purchases from single vendors. Those are on a case by case basis.  NOTE: As a certified retailer for these vendors, I provide your receipt and proof of purchase.  I cannot provide you with my vendor's invoices and receipts.  Most wholesale vendors do not allow the sharing of wholesale or trade invoices or pricing as this is propriety information.  If I share trade information to a client, the vendor can remove me as an account holder.  That's not good for either one of us!  I work to be fair, honest and transparent, however, if you feel that you HAVE to have my receipts then please don't buy through me.  You won't hurt my feelings and I won't have to disappoint you if that's your expectation.  


IN-STOCK OR MARKET SPECIALS: Sometimes, I have access to market, cash and carry, or other specials. In these cases, I typically charge cost plus 25%.


STAGING:  When finishing up a home, details matter. Often, I will buy items from retail stores to place as fillers to complete the look. I will place these items and then you have 1 week to decide to purchase any of them or not. If you don't want them, I will pick the items back up and return them. If you love the way they look in your room, I charge the sticker price plus 20%. This helps cover my logistics and you don't have to go shopping! 


Pricing Varies


LOGISTICS, TRACKING, BILLING: I like to outsource this work as much as possible to save you money.  When I am able to source this out, I bill it at $20/hour and only when the work adds up to a full hour.​

SHIPPING: I charge these at cost plus 10-20% because there are often additional costs that come up and I just want to make sure the cost is covered. Shipping prices can vary from their quote and the last thing I want to do is come back and ask for more money. I'm not trying to make a profit here., but I do want to cover expenses.


RECEIVING & DELIVERY: Depending on the company, the items being delivered, etc. it will sometimes make the most sense to have items delivered to a receiver. Receivers do a lot of things but the most important is checking items as they arrive from the vendors. A lot can go wrong and If it's damaged or incorrect, they are our first line of defense to make it right. They can also store multiple shipments and then deliver and install everything all at once when it's needed. All receivers charge differently but the one I use the most, currently charges as follows:

If you will pay directly (which I prefer), there is no up-charge on these fees. If I need to pay and you pay me back, then I charge the cost plus 10%.


CONTRACTORS: I ask that you please pay contractors (ex: window treatment installer) directly.  

LATE FEES:  Payments are due upon receipt and are considered late 14 days after receipt.  Purchases will not be made until payment received in full.  Payments direct to laborers are due immediately when services are rendered.  Late payments are subject to a 5% month over month fee.  Services and product may be withheld until all payments are made in full.

IF NOT INCLUDED IN THIS RATE CARD: Some services may not be included in this rate card.  Should you have questions, please ask!

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