Complete furnishings for every room in your home.


1.  Go to the Bassett Furniture website or go in person to a Bassett Furniture store.

2.  Let me know which furniture pieces you are looking for and where you need help by filling out the BASSETT INQUIRY FORM.

3.  I will follow up with you to solidify the details of your order.  We will walk through your options and settle on furnishings that best meet your needs.

4.  You will be sent a proposal for the furnishings selected.

5.  You will have the option to approve or decline each line item and then pay for the items.  

6.  Furnishings will be shipped directly to you and you will be contacted when your order is ready to be delivered.

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What products can I help you with?  Please add your contact information, along with the products you are considering.  Please let me know things like "I like this shape sectional, but not the color" or I want two accent chairs but I'm not sure which ones.  Just copy and paste over the page link from the website or give me the SKU number (usually located near the retail price).  This information can be added into the Message area.  I'll get the message and reach out to you to discuss.



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